Sunday, 10 August 2014

David Jones and Myer Not Yet Christmas Ready

Well not exactly. But now that I have your attention let me explain. I was in both David Jones and Myer (Chadstone, Australia) today (Sunday) and there was a distinct lack of any presence to do with Christmas. Other than in David Jones where there were signs of the coming of Christmas. A cleared area with what looked like a few left overs from last Christmas. Why mention this?

Bestsellers are expected to be British designs featuring London themes and the Union flag
Selfridges Christmas Shop 2014 - With its British Christmas theme.
Well a couple of weeks ago I did mention in my article which of the department stores around the globe I thought which would be the first to open up their Christmas store. The money was on Selfridges. I knew that we were close to new Christmas stock coming because our local Christmas store, Santas Place did have a 30% discount advertised outside the store but suddenly it disappeared. This I usually take as a sign that the new Christmas stock is now in and ready to sell.

So if I had gone down the bookies and placed money on Selfridges, being the first to open, would I have won the bet. Yep. I am pretty confident that I would have. As I tweeted on the 5th August, Okay looks like have gone early again this year. But wait is this really the case. So I have turned to Mr. Google to find out. 

Macy's and Bloomingdales in the US don't appear to have any store open yet but do have some Christmas decorations online. So I turned to the UK to find that Selfridges great rivals, John Lewis have not yet set up store. They do have an announcement on their website, that Christmas 2014 is on its way. Harrods on the other hand put up a cheeky tweet on Twitter on 25th July stating, 'There are some items including decorations and food available at The Harrods Christmas Shop (2nd Floor) and in the Food Halls.' So Harrods have gone half cocked with Christmas, but will have something ready at the end of August. Liberty the other department store in London have an announcement on their website stating that their Christmas Shop is now open on the 4th floor.

So who won this years race. Well again I think it has to go to Selfridges. Want to be a part of it, other than visiting, here is a video on this years Christmas store.

What do I need this year? Now let me have a think about that. Just hope David Jones and Myer get going soon.

Image Source: Daily Mail

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