Sunday, 27 July 2014

Bye bye Christmas in July - Bring on the Christmas department in stores

So the 27th July is 150 days to Christmas. Now there is a usual fact to know when you are playing Christmas Trivia Pursuits. And today my son called me 'bah humbug' because I wouldn't let him do something. Which got me to think how common the use of Dickens is in everyday language, even at the end of July.

Selfridges Christmas department 2013
Selfridges, London - Christmas department 2013

So this year Christmas in July comes to a deflated end as apparently, I am now Scrooge. Not a bad effort. But this year I have found it really interesting to see how many people have entered into the Spirit of Christmas in July. I know someone who was having their first Christmas in July this year in Sydney, and was really looking forward to it. Particularly as she was in-charge of the mulled wine. Damn, I know that there was something missing this year. That said I even walked passed someone this week roasting chestnuts or was that a dream. Which ever, Christmas has been on the mind the last few weeks.

There has been so much talk about Christmas, it is quite outstanding. Even at work we have been discussing our campaigns for the festive season. I even attended a webinar about planning for Christmas. And the pièce de résistance was I even had someone email me a poll this last week asking if I have already started my Christmas campaign. Crickey and I thought that I was smart and planning early.

As everyone keeps saying, Christmas comes earlier each year. And this year it does appear to. Lets face it it is August next month and lets bet that one of the major department stores around the world will have their Christmas decoration department open. Who will it be Bloomingdales, David Jones, John Lewis, Liberty, Myer, Macy or Selfridges. Lets wait and see. Selfridges went early last year and opened their Christmas department early August. So in theory it should now be less than a week. Phew, that is so early. Anyway now that July is almost out of the way bring on the next main event. The Department store, Christmas department.

Image Source: Daily Mail

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