Thursday, 1 May 2014

What would happen if Father Christmas was unwell.

So this week I was as sick as a Husky Dog. So I left my sleigh on the driveway for the day and spent the day in my cabin. Now I am not one for taking days off work. So for me this was a rare event. Whilst I was lying in bed not thinking about work, my mind turned to the Just Love Christmas blog. And I thought, hmm what would happen if Father Christmas / Santa was unwell on Christmas Eve. Disaster.

Then I got thinking even more. Has he been unwell in the past. And get this. I think he has. Why? Because when I was about 8 or 9 years old I didn't get one of those Cadbury's stockings in my stocking and he never forgot that. 

So who delivered my presents that year. Now it could have been Mrs Claus. Having met her, in her house on a trip to Lapland. It is possible. She would seem to be a well organised type of person. But she looked just nice and snug in her room. The elves, the senior ones particularly Rusty the Elf would be up to the job. But would be needed at HQ to ensure that the stockings were all full and correct.

So could it be a case of an Arthur Christmas scenario? Is there a younger Father Christmas in the waiting? Or was Rusty the Elf sick?

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