Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Seven Months of Snow and counting

For those of you who have been following us since we started Just Love Christmas and now the blog, will realise we made a trip to Lapland back in Christmas 2011. Periodically I view the Facebook page of the company, Canterbury Travel who helped us organise our evening with Father Christmas.

Back in October, well October the 14th to be exact they posted up an image of the first fall of snow for the winter, above. That is now seven months of snow on the ground. SEVEN MONTHS, boy that is a lot of snow and cold days.

And today:

webcam Sodankyl

Now I do like snow, well at least if I have the option to go to the snow, as opposed to it visiting me. 

So it made me think what does Father Christmas really do with seven months of snow. Clearly there is the option of training the reindeer and practising drops down chimneys. But my bet is he is in the Tropics for most of the winter.

For those who live there all winter, they must love the white stuff. That said I would like to try one full winter in the snow and see how long I would last. No wonder the Fins have saunas.

Image Source: Canterbury Travel/ and

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