Sunday, 25 May 2014

The end of DVDs, well almost

Sunday afternoon. To tired to be bothered to do anything other than kicking a soccer ball in the back yard with my son. So what to do. Yep nip down the local video shop. Strange isn't it. Videos died out years ago, yet we still call it a video shop.

I remember the old video shops of the 80's. Bulky selves with two formats of video, VHS and Beta. So we all went to the video shop to see what kiddie movies we may have missed out on recently.

Upon our arrival we found that the video shop is closing down. And everything, was up for sale even the latest releases. Apparently the shop announced this over three weeks ago. The place looked like the hordes of hell had been through the place. Back to the 80's, it looked like the image of Russian food shops which were shown in the news. It was almost pitiful. 

Not surprisingly people were buying loads of DVDs, 10 to 20 at a time. I found this all slightly sad. Shelves half stripped of the shops goods. But why should I be? I can not remember the last time I paid a visit. Over a month again. I was talking to one of the guys in the queue whilst I waited to pay for a DVD and he said that this was the last video shop in the local area. WOW! No more video shops. What to do?

Looks like we are going to have to go online via Telstra (Australian telecoms company) or get an Apple TV. So what did we do today. Buy a DVD, and of course it was a Christmas movie, yep a Christmas Carol and go home and watch, a different Christmas movie, Arthur Christmas on DVD. 

Bye bye DVDs, well not quiet now but it can not be long now. Oh what to ask Father Christmas for now in this years stocking. iTunes gift voucher?

Image Source: Sony Pictures

Sunday, 18 May 2014

Amazing Birthday Cake. What now for Christmas

It was the youngest member of the Just Love Christmas team, birthday yesterday. As with all nine year olds, he is really into something. This year it is Vikings. Absolutely Viking mad at the moment. So I was up early Saturday morning to go and get the birthday cake. Unfortunately my son is not just gluten intolerant like myself but also dairy intolerant. So we searched high and low for a local company who could do both a gluten and dairy free cake. And bang.

Amazing Viking Helmet Birthday cake. What now for Christmas.

We found a company in Moorabbin, South Melbourne (Australia). The most amazing and unbelievable birthday cake I have ever seen. We would like to thank Gluten Free 4 U with the perfect birthday cake for a 9 young old, his friends and friend’s parents. As one of the parents said, ‘It looks like you could just pick it up and wear it.’

We will be keeping a close eye on what they will be doing for Christmas this year. We may not be making our own Christmas cake this year, particularly if the Gluten Free 4 U cakes are as yummy as their birthday ones.

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Seven Months of Snow and counting

For those of you who have been following us since we started Just Love Christmas and now the blog, will realise we made a trip to Lapland back in Christmas 2011. Periodically I view the Facebook page of the company, Canterbury Travel who helped us organise our evening with Father Christmas.

Back in October, well October the 14th to be exact they posted up an image of the first fall of snow for the winter, above. That is now seven months of snow on the ground. SEVEN MONTHS, boy that is a lot of snow and cold days.

And today:

webcam Sodankyl

Now I do like snow, well at least if I have the option to go to the snow, as opposed to it visiting me. 

So it made me think what does Father Christmas really do with seven months of snow. Clearly there is the option of training the reindeer and practising drops down chimneys. But my bet is he is in the Tropics for most of the winter.

For those who live there all winter, they must love the white stuff. That said I would like to try one full winter in the snow and see how long I would last. No wonder the Fins have saunas.

Image Source: Canterbury Travel/ and

Sunday, 11 May 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Is it me or is Mother's Day only second to Christmas. Even more than birthdays for Mums. We used to live in the UK where Mother's Day was, well just Mother's Day.

We migrated to Australia some 6 years ago and ever since Mother's Day has never been the same. Now whether it is because we have a child now in school, but where ever you go everyone was going up to my wife, yesterday wishing her happy Mother's Day. Admittedly it was the other mums.

Mother's Day is huge here. Much more than I ever remember in the UK. It is present time here. Meal planning. Cooking. More Cooking and even more cooking. Don't get me wrong here, I like to cook and love to cook for my wife. I share a good portion of the cook work load. But I felt pressurised this year to get it right. I am not sure what match report my wife will give me when she speaks to her friends next.

Get the gift. Nah, couldn't find the right thing. My son did get some interesting gifts from the schools Mother's Day gift stall though. So in a few weeks we are going to have a luxury weekend in the local city and we will spoil her then, when it comes to the present. Father Christmas doesn't get this stressed.  

So food was really important today. So I was up semi-early this morning and went to get food for breakfast. Well planned out...And it really made me laugh. The local supermarket was packed with men, dads mostly as many of them were with young children. Milk seemed very popular as did up market jams, for some reason.

So I had my menu planned:

Breakfast - French toast with bacon and blueberries with deluxe hot chocolate with cinnamon and freshly made fruit juice
Lunch - Home-made pea soup with toast
Dinner - Oven baked chicken in lemon grass, chilli and lime with asparagus.

Cool. Sorted. Then get this. My wife didn't feel well all day. Oh well one of those days. To all Mums though, Happy Mother's Day. 

Thursday, 1 May 2014

What would happen if Father Christmas was unwell.

So this week I was as sick as a Husky Dog. So I left my sleigh on the driveway for the day and spent the day in my cabin. Now I am not one for taking days off work. So for me this was a rare event. Whilst I was lying in bed not thinking about work, my mind turned to the Just Love Christmas blog. And I thought, hmm what would happen if Father Christmas / Santa was unwell on Christmas Eve. Disaster.

Then I got thinking even more. Has he been unwell in the past. And get this. I think he has. Why? Because when I was about 8 or 9 years old I didn't get one of those Cadbury's stockings in my stocking and he never forgot that. 

So who delivered my presents that year. Now it could have been Mrs Claus. Having met her, in her house on a trip to Lapland. It is possible. She would seem to be a well organised type of person. But she looked just nice and snug in her room. The elves, the senior ones particularly Rusty the Elf would be up to the job. But would be needed at HQ to ensure that the stockings were all full and correct.

So could it be a case of an Arthur Christmas scenario? Is there a younger Father Christmas in the waiting? Or was Rusty the Elf sick?