Sunday, 20 April 2014

Going to Church at Christmas

Do you go to 'church'? Well if you do, according to Google Trends, you are most likely going to search for it, online, in the the run up to Easter and Christmas. An interesting article by the Pew Research Center shows that there is a distinct increase in the search term 'church' in the run up to Easter and Christmas in the US.

Google searches for "church" spike during Easter and Christmas seasons
The search for the term 'church' is highest during the run up to Easter and not at Christmas. Not exactly sure why this would be. A theory could be something to do with the 40 days of Lent. Easter unlike Christmas in the US, has a clear run in without any interruptions. Unlike Christmas, which has Thanksgiving as a major public holiday just before it.

The Google trends complied by Pew Research Center also show that Thanksgiving is the lowest time of the year when the term 'church' is searched for. Which is no surprise. As this is a major public holiday in the US that isn't a Christian festival.

To be honest I can not remember, the last time I went to church. So I for one will not be adding to the statistics this coming Christmas.

Image Source: Pew Research Center

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