Monday, 24 March 2014

When is it the right time to take down your Christmas Tree?

Now I am not a great follower of Twitter, in fact up to now I have avoided setting up an account. Who has the time? But periodically I do have a look to see what is going on. So today, as it is only 9 months to Christmas tomorrow, I took a look at what twitters are twitting about on Christmas.

Now this caught my attention. The number of people who still have their Christmas trees up, or have taken them down today and even debated about putting one up. Now this has got me thinking. When is it the right time to take down your Christmas Tree?

Now I am a traditionalist. Or at least used to be. Being somewhat superstitious I have been one for taking down the Christmas Tree on the Twelfth Night. But since being married the tree has to come down the night before my wife's birthday, on the 3rd January.

Now here is the thing. If I was in the luxury position of running Just Love Christmas as a full time job, would I have a Christmas Tree up in the office (with the Christmas music of course) all year round?

Firstly, I think it would have to be either an artificial tree or a potted tree with roots, which I would have to feed and water periodically. Now I am almost envious of those who have their Christmas Tree still up. There is something about switching the lights on in the evening. I would like to give it a go just to see what it would be like.  

Secondly, there is something about taking down the tree by the Twelfth Night. I don't like doing it, particularly if it has been a really good Christmas. But it does kick off the year.

Thirdly, I love going to get a real Christmas Tree with the family in December. Particularly as we have a young son. It adds to the excitement. The disappointment in his voice last Christmas, that it didn't take us at least an hour, was priceless.

So those of you who still have your Christmas Tree up. Good on you. But I can not wait until we have to trudge through a field looking for a tree. Which brings us onto the question, when is it to early to get a Christmas Tree?

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