Monday, 17 March 2014

Merry Christmas Tennessee Style

We have been following this one for several months now. What a strange dilemma. In a country like America where the term 'bible belt' originates from, it seems strange that someone could be sued for wishing another person 'Merry Christmas'.

Admittedly the 'Christmas Bill' in Tennessee (a state in the traditional bible belt) prevents teachers from being sued for saying Merry Christmas (or even Merry Hanukkah) would appear to be a sensible action. It would be a great pity for someone to be sued for wishing another person a seasonal greeting.

What is also really interesting, is that the bill allows teachers to well, teach. Teach about religious holidays, and schools to display symbols of the various seasonal festivals, like Christmas trees.

It is just sad to think such a measure is now needed to be taken in an overly politically correct world.

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