Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Christmas only 288 days to go

So we have the Christmas website, tick. The Pinterest account which is overly addictive, tick and of course a Facebook page, tick. So what was left to do. Ah a Christmas blog. At Just Love Christmas we have been toying about adding a blog to our online collection. Those of you who have been following us on Facebook will have noticed that we post up Christmas articles of interest. 

So the next step logically would appear to be a Christmas blog. So here we go. We sat down today to write about some thing interesting about Christmas in the news. And wouldn't you believe it, nothing to report. So our first post today has well, no news. So as a filler we thought we would let you know that it is only 288 days until Christmas. 

Random we know but it is a start. And no pictures.

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