Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Christmas Concert Time for the Oldies

Now Christmas memories really start in your childhood. Well they did for me. Alas my childhood now seems a long time ago. To my son the 70's, well seem like the 40's to me.

That said the 70's was the decade of the Christmas song. Songs by Slade, Wizard, Greg Lake, the list goes on. But you know when it is getting close to Christmas for some old bands. March seems to be the time of year to announce a get together and a concert tour.

Now whether these old bands have more time on their hands to plan this far in advance, I do not know. But retirement must be great. So over the last couple of days both Lindisfarne and Status Quo (who will be touring with Chas and Dave, of all people) have announced their tour dates for the UK.

It won't be a case of deck the halls but more rock the halls.

Photo Credit: Birmingham Mail

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